About Tuerta Photography


Hello, and greetings from Tuerta Photography!

Pictures should speak to us and I'm sure all of us have certain images that have ensnared our attention and stuck in our minds long afterwards. What is so special about those particular images?

I think any moment can be captured in a magical way, and I take pride in trying to find that "just right" shot and then doing just enough creative touchup to it for the final image to be both compelling and memorable.

I specialize in photography—including art, portrait, and boudoir photography—as well as photo editing and touchup, and I am available for work in Rotterdam, the surrounding area, or will consider travel for more distant photo projects.

Are you interested in a photoshoot or need some photos touched up? I'd love to discuss it with you!

My Background

Over 30 years of photography experience

I grew up with a camera in my hand. Many, actually. From my early childhood memories shooting with a 110 film point-and-shoot Minolta, and then moving onto 35mm and more sophisticated cameras, and eventually into the digital world.

In parallel with this, I also fell in love with post processing. As an early adopter of Photoshop, I found out how much fun it was to take the camera's picture as a starting point, like a painter's palette, from which a much more compelling image could be crafted. So in addition to taking pictures, I also offer retouching and more artistic reworkings of photos, both mine or yours.

... la cámara tuerta en la tierra de ciegos ...

How I Work

You can either share your vision with me, or invite me to create something original..

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